Patience, revolutionaries--engineering an app to facilitate overthrowing the world order takes time. But if you sign up, we will e-mail you when the app is ready.

Now is the time to find each other and assemble . . .

The blackspot is the anti-logo, a logo to wipe out logos. Anyone can draw it, anywhere. It represents . . . nothing. Or maybe everything.


The meme wars are raging. The grand narrative battles of our time are being fought with pixels and bandwidth. But clever videos and gifs are not enough. To win the future, you have to be able to turn ideas into action . . . to turn your memes into reality.

So we build up our blackspot collective.

It starts with tens of thousands of people, then millions, then hundreds of millions, and eventually we’re going to be one billion people strong. We build the first internet-based global grassroots power bloc in history – a superpower without borders.

Imagine then, our ability to put millions into the street against fascism on a moment’s notice. To bring wayward corporations to heel with international boycotts, subvertisements, sabotage, pranks, hacks and culture jams. To occupy stock exchanges, take over the economics department of every university on earth. To swing elections. Imagine the power to create global big-bang moments, when a billion people rise up and shake the world order to its core.


Yes, I want to be part of a billion-strong grassroots movement!

We have not yet seen what is possible when the multitude assembles.