May Day

Now is the time to find each other and assemble . . .

This May Day, #anythinggoes

Make May Day a catastrophe for the complacent, the comfortable and decadent.


May 1st has lost all her alchemy.

May Day’s magic has been stolen and resold as a state spectacle—

Another soulless performance of power by those who hold and hoard it all.

Now though, things are different—

We live in an existential crisis.

Climate change, fiscal chaos, and the rise of facism threaten to conspire and crush us before future generations can even begin—

The super-rich grow further out of touch with humanity and reality, insulated and isolated from the world we live in

But one almighty ritual can change the course of history.

Resistance is a carnival:

This May Day, the circus comes to town.

You in?



This isn’t the general strike always talked-of and never acted-on by the Old Left.

This is a strike at the (empty) head and (black) heart of the 1%—

A “Fuck you” to the lazy liars and cheats who rigged the game against us all.

These corrupt ghouls stole control of language, turning words of revolution to jargon, turning us against each other instead of them

Fuck that for a game of cards.


This May Day let’s reset the rules.

A revolution of our own—
All the hackers and gamers, wild hearts and lone wolves, punks and slackers, rebels and troublemakers out there doing their thing —
Wear masks in the streets while we tear off the mental masks we wear for one another every day.

Together we’re unreadable, an anonymous mass —

A faceless, genderless, raceless, nationless majority; Silent no more and standing tall.

They can’t stop us, they can’t silence us —

The many becomes the multitude, tipping the scales past the point of no return.

mask mask

Calling all wild hearts:

The carnival of resistance begins May 1st.

Take off your mental mask!

Become a lone wolf

Delete the 3 most used apps on your phone.

Prowl the backstreets with your friends, turning ATMs into shrines.

Decorate banks with calls for revolution

Play fucking jazz.

Yes, I want to be part of a billion-strong grassroots movement!

We have not yet seen what is possible when the multitude assembles.