Masar - Le Trio Joubran

Hey Moonday Rebels,

This coming Tuesday November 12 is Full Beaver Moonday! 

We ask you, in classic ABP style, to blot out every brand, emblem, and logo that you come across — and replace it with the mark of the Blackspot.

Clothing retailers. Chain stores. Electronics manufacturers. Restaurants. Banks.

Erase all traces of our corporate overlords. 

Replace them with the symbol of resistance in the face of corporate tyranny 

. . . and then keep doing it for the rest of the month.


Let the Blackspot black out all traces of soulless commercialism . . .

— scratch away all logos from our physical surroundings . . .

— and reclaim our mental environment.

For the Wild,

The Blackspot Collective

Yes, I want to be one in a billion

Now 12105 people strong!

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